Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to provide our clients with experienced and dedicated representation. People who are injured at work face the complexities of the workers’ compensation law and when they are confused and frustrated, we help them by providing sound advice and guidance, as well as advocating tenaciously for their workers’ compensation benefits.

With passion for what we do, we strive to produce good outcomes for our clients. We understand that how we represent our clients impacts their lives in a meaningful way. Improving our clients’ lives is a priority for us.That’s why we fight hard for our clients. That’s why we work so hard.

At Setaro Law we collaboratively serve our clients, each other, and our community by providing excellent legal services that exceed expectations in a workplace that promotes client and employee satisfaction. We strive to raise the bar by challenging ourselves to find ways to improve client service, our legal products, our work environment, and our community.

“Although the process was challenging at times and it was a fight every step of the way, I am amazed at the level of calmness you put forth during our meetings in your office as opposed to the grit and tenacity you displayed during our commissioned meetings with the other lawyers. I was very impressed, and your commitment towards this case showed that you were fighting to get me everything I needed medically as well as financially.” - Christian Pellicone